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Removing Hymer/Schaudt fascia switch panel


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I need access to a 12 Volt feed behind the wall mounted panel that works in association with my Electroblock LT 409.


It's the small over door flush mounted panel that switches on 12 volt power, displays the presence of mains and battery and tank levels.


Can anybody throw some light on how that can be accessed; I have slid a knife blade under the grey plastic bezel hoping that would click it off to expose mounting screws, but with the strain I dare as yet apply it has not done so.


Any knowledge out there to help me would as always be very much appreciated.


Thanks John

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You can download user manuals from the Schaudt website but it's a bit of a navigational challenge to get to the page you need.  Here is a link to the index page:



From which you need to select "Kontrol und bedeinpanel" then in the box below "Anzeige LED" and then click on "(156) Artikel anzeigen" to see the list of LT panels appear below.


There are three variants of the LT 109 and once you have identified which one you need click on the Union Flag link against it on the list to download the English version.


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Thank you both for your help; on returning home I approach the bezel with a blunt knife blade from the inner edge of the plastic bezel, rather than the outer. That readily released the plastic catches which are close to its inner edge at each of the four corners.


Thanks for the link Stuart, that I have noted for the future.


Thanks "aa---" but what I failed to mention was I only need to source a 2.5mA maintained +ve supply, but thanks for the warning and I will tread with care.



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