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Fixing a Fiamma awning on a campervan

Duncan MMM

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Posted on behalf of new forum member, Kerry H, who was having trouble logging in:


To adjust the Fiamma 45 awning.


Adjust the top tension nuts using a socket or spanner until the fold out arms go back into the housing without striking the frame housing.


If the arms have slipped (or you moved them trying to get the awning to wind in properly) then undo the nuts holding the folding arms to the outside aluminium frame so that they are finger tight but loose enough to slip when pressure is applied.


Wind the awning back in, and if the nut is loose enough, the arms will slide to the correct position when you wind the awning fully in.


If the aluminium face is not centred put a piece of pine against the plastic end and tap using a rubber mallet until the face is centred. Do not directly strike the plastic end or you will break it. Tap don't thump, if you have to thump the nuts are too tight.


To tighten the nuts in the correct position wind the awning back out a foot (30 cm) and tighten the nuts using a socket. If you had the nuts too loose the arms will slip when you wind the awning back out to tighten the nuts, so you will need to tighten the nuts a bit and try again.


If the awning does not wind in so it is tight at both ends, you should:


1. Make sure there are no folds in the awning material as it winds on, the end with the folds will be the end that touches first. To remove folds you need two people one winds in while the other applies pressure to remove the folds.


2. If there are no folds then adjust the tension of the awning using a screwdriver to rotate the blue roller end on the opposite end to the winder. The Fiamma website has a video showing this is done.


3. If adjusting the tension doesn't work then with the awning fully wound out you can put some gaffer tape on the awning on the end that doesn't close. The more gaffer tape you use the tighter it will pull that end in, so it may take some fiddling to get the correct amount of tape.


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