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Avtex TV - using usb flash drive


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I am considering buying an Avtex TV and wonder what experience anyone has regarding what video files work on these TV's. Are they particularly picky on what files can be read or will they take anything you can throw at it?



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Hi John, welcome to the forum B-)


I find that mine plays mkv files ok, with a 'but'...


And that but seems to be dependant on the resolution of the file.


If I try a 720p mkv it seems to have real trouble with it, but will play the SD equivalent just fine.


Mine TV quite old though, newer ones might cope much better?


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We have had a 16" Avtex TV for a number years and in order to save carrying loads of DVD's we convert them to .avi files, which are MPEG 2, and play them direct from USB Sticks or USB connected Hardrives.


One thing that we have notred is that occasioanlly our TV disables DivX in its internal menu and then the TV cannot see the file names or play them. It is a simple matter to restore the setting. Our friends TV neever seems to lose this setting. Our TV only works on the basis of the connect storage unit being Fat32 formatted. Not sure if this still applies to current models.



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