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Spacing rules


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Having read a number of comments on other forums about spacing rules on campsites, including a recent letter in a Motorhome magazine asking advice on the 6m rule, Let me, as a recently retired senior fire officer, add my comments to the debate.


The 6m spacing rule only applies to parkhomes, these are defined as wooden type buildings, and this figure comes from tests carried out by the BRE and included in the model standards. For metal clad "Holiday Caravans" (As the BRE paper describes caravans on parkhomes) then the distance should be 5, This is reflected in the model standards, which are quite clear in that they should only apply to Park Homes.


Since October 2006 the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order came into force and requires most people in charge of premises, to carry out a risk assessment and as part of that assessment to consider the risk of fire spread, hence the need to consider spacing between units.


However, everybody seems to have grasped that 6m is the required standard without realising where this has comes from or what it applies to. Even in the HM Government guide it talks about preventing fire spread between caravans and then gives the example 6m for parkhomes.


I have now created a page on my website which gives all the background information and links to all the documents concerned . see www.firedecisions.com

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