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Any Auto-Trail Miami owners out there?


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Hi and Happy Xmas to you all the way out there

We haven't got a Miami but we did spend a lot of time and research into looking at them with a view to buying one. We were going for the 740D which has got the double bed compared to the 740S with the two singles but they are very similar in most ways.

My personal opinion is that they are much better built than the Swift Bolero which is a similar van, Autotrail certainly have got the build quality.

The Renault chassis on which the 740S is built is very good, but you can only get it with the 2.3 engine now as they have stopped the 3.0. Should not be a problem unless you wish to tow with it or go up some pretty steep hills.

The interior we found to be quite good although the two front bench seats were a little bit short for lounging out at night on. Work top space in the kitchen was also a little bit on the small size. I thought the plastic shelving at the front underneath the big sunroof was a bit "cheap" for Autotrail, but this seems to be the way that a lot of builds are going.

In conclusion, if this is the type of van you want, then this is the one to have. In the end we opted for an Autotrail Cheyenne 660 on the new Fiat chassis, much more room inside for us.

Hope the comments have been of some assistance, if I can help in any other way just ask

Baz (lol)

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