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Forester - 2006-12-23 1:00 PM I have bought a new generater, It says it needs earthing? there is a earth lead conected to the gennie so do i have to earth it to the van/ground? when in use.

I don't understand this requirement: since the generator is what is producing the power, I would expect the "earth" to have to return any leakage current to the generator, to be of any safety benefit. 

In effect that is all a conventional mains earth does, i,e. it returns any leakage current to the power station, whence it came, usually via a connection at the transformer.

If there is no return path, there is no circuit and hence no protection.  Therefore, I'd suggest you re-post this query on the "Motorhome Matters" forum, to seen if you can attract Clive's attention. 

He is the resident electrical guru.  He will undoubtedly give you chapter and verse, and will probably say I'm talking bunk as well.

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