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Leisure batteries

Phil and Lol

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Dare I suggest that ti may be a case of 'you get what you pay for' There are many whoi have boght bargain batteries and they have turned out fine while others have bought what one would call 'top of the range' and had failures. Any battery can fail after a short period of time for what are no obvious reasons. Hopefully a good maker will replace without quibble but if you bought that 'bargain' from a man in the pub, then redress may not be so easy.


As for size and type you van maker will advise what is best, although not make or source. Once you know what you are looking for then it is your choice who you buy from and what make. Look for a warranty of sorts and a repputable dealer who will not run away as soon as you appear with a complaint. Sorry, but we have all bought 'lemons' in our lifetimes without meaning to. That's life. Hopefully as with most of us, that does not happen very often.

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Phil and Lol - 2017-03-08 4:29 PM


Am replacing my two 110amp batteries, any recommendations re make/supplier.


I believe you own a 2011 Auto-Trail Comanche.


Not knowing the physical dimensions of your present batteries (nor what can be shoehorned into a Comanche) makes providing advice tricky. However (as David chose for himself) a pair of Varta Professional LFD90 batteries probably should fit and have had expert recommendation on this forum. (see following link)




Regarding suppliers, it’s really going to be a matter of shopping around. This GOOGLE-listing shows on-line suppliers of the LFD90 battery




but if there’s a battery-supplier local to you it would be sensible to check pricing with them.

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