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Alligator CVV tyre valves


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I'm looking to buy, say, a dozen of these high pressure valves for fitting on my steel wheeled Ducato 2.8JTD.

I seem only to be able to source them via Ebay from Germany with attendant high carriage costs for such inexpensive items.

Anyone know of a UK supplier?

They come in three lengths. I know that I don't want the shortest, should I get the longest or the next size down?

My van's in storage currently and I can't measure the valve stem length which clears my wheel trims.

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I’m not aware of an UK supplier of Alligator CVV valves, but you might try asking Auto4




as I know they have marketed Alligator products in the past.


Regarding length, I would have thought that the 5300030 version would be the best choice, as the 5300040 valve is very long.


Do you really NEED this particular valve? I’m doubtful that UK tyre-fitters will be familiar with them and there is the potential for problems if they are not fitted correctly. (See following MHFun thread)




If you don’t want to go down the clamp-in ‘metal’ valve route, you might consider as an alternative to the CVV valve Schrader’s high-pressure snap-in valve that is fitted to Mk 7-onwards Ford Transits (see photo in my posting of 20 February 2014 9:22 AM in the following link)




You might well need to obtain them through a Ford dealership and I’m not sure they’d end up cheaper than obtaining the CVV valves from Germany, but there’s at least a fair chance that UK tyre-fitters will be familiar with the Schrader valve.

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