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Hi folks, I have recently changed my satnav and now have the Garmin Camper 6 in device.


I have upgraded the poi files on it to cover some britstops, , caravan, and camping club sites, etc.


The previous Snooper ventura lite, is therefore being disposed of to any one who might be interested.

I dont like it because it cant be updated by user, but has to be done via snooper.


If anyone wishes to take up the challenge, the snooper is available for a nominal price..


Just pm me for details.




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Damn. Went to the Harrogate show on Saturday last and bought the Falcon satnav for £300, had been looking for a while and Snooper came out fairly well except the upgrade path you've found. Otherwise I'd have had it. As other poster said, pop it on ebay


Out of interest the chappie who owns Aguri Satnavs used to own Snooper but sold it ten years ago for £10million and is bored in his retirement so started up Aguri for something to do. Why that should be of any interest I don't know, but there you are.

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