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Remis do a flyscreen suitable for a sliding door, as on a panel van conversion.


It's marketed as "Remicare Van" but don't know if they do one suitable for a left hand side sliding door.


This OAL forum link may give you an idea of what's available http://forums.outandaboutlive.co.uk/forums/Motorhomes/Motorhome-Matters/Broken-fly-screen-door-on-Globecar/46030/ Within the thread are downloadable PDF files showing the flyscreen.

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we are shortly taking delivery of Autotrail 610SE PVC and had hoped this was going to come with flyscreen on the sliding door...however it seems unlikely as a major change on furniture positioning is required. It does seem a bit odd as the equivalent Autocruise models come with it.


Looking at the Remis one, all the photos and info seems to be for a continental handed version, and in any case , I don't think it can be retro-fitted due to space requirements. I think the problem is that the kitchen furniture is designed and fitted to maximise the interior space, and for the flyscreen screen frame to be fitted there is not enough room when the door fits back into the closed position.


I've looked for something suitable but so far found nothing that works, although we did see one at the Birmingham show last October, but firstly it was very expensive, and secondly seemed to block off the doorway and not easy for access at any time!


We think its going to be something 'heath robinson' using suitable fabric and Velcro!!

Shame, when you spend 45K or more and cant get something as obvious as this included especially when you see that other manufacturers have resolved it satisfactorily. .

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