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German emissions disk: the Umweld plakette


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Those wanting to get one of these to visit German cities should be wary of using third party websites which charge a rake-off price! I was quoted over 32 Euros.


One site which has come up trumps is tolltickets.com, This site is easy to navigate. You need to send a pdf copy of your vehicle registration documentation and pay for postage, but it all works easily and for Euro 5 vehicles a green sticker will come winging your way.


Recommended. (lol)

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I found a large site giving links to placquets


I filled in mine for Germany, sent my payment only for them to reply that my 2002 Ducatto based motor home could not be issued with one.


My money was quicklyreturned, yet the French site sent me one fairly quickly but as a class 3 it is not a lot of use!!! I'll just have to stick to motorways & park & ride.

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I’m not sure what your statement “...the French site sent me one fairly quickly but as a class 3 it is not a lot of use!!!” is meant to imply.


The French system is essentially based around a vehicle’s date of first registration and it should be plain from the French websites relating to the system that a diesel-fuelled vehicle (which I assume yours is) that was first registered in 2002 will be awarded a Class 3 sticker.


Obviously, unless one’s motorhome were eligible for the highest categories ‘Green’ or Class 1 stickers (not awarded to normal diesel-fuelled vehicles) there will be the potential for the vehicle to be prohibited from being driven in certain French cities or areas, but that prohibition will depend on the air-pollution ‘alert-status’ of the particular city/area.


This webpage lists present French environmental zones




and clicking on the entry for a zone will show its alert-status. I think you’d find that your Class 3 sticker would not prevent you from driving anywhere in France today.

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That’s just coincidence as (as wil be evident from the respective tables on the following links)






the French sticker-numbering system goes from “5” (worst) to “1” (best), whereas the German sticker-numbering system goes from “2 (worst) to “4” (best).


FWIW my 2015-registered Rapido motorhome has a “2” French sticker and would have a German “4” sticker.


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