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Battery warning light


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I have a 2007 2.2 Ducato. Today after starting the engine and revving the engine the battery indicator lit up .it is ok when engine starts and extinguishes, but lights back up as soon as the engine is revved and stays on. The battery is fully charged, The alternator is putting out power.

I have read about the earth strap and will change it. I did connect a jump lead across the earth strap but battery light still stays on any suggestions please


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When the vehicle has been left standing the battery voltage shoud settle to about 12.6 volts. With the engine running, the voltage should rise to a steady value of about 14.4 volts and remain steady.


The voltage is best measured at the battery terminals.


Get an assistant to rev the engine, while the voltage is monitored.


If voltage is not steady check connections between the alternator B+ and the battery. DO DISCONNECT THE BATTERY NEGATIVE BEFORE WORKING AT THESE LOCATIONS.


You mention the engine earth strap, but how is the battery earthed to complete the circuit.?


Is there any possibility that the alternator drive belt is slipping? The mechanical load taken by the alternator can be considerable. ( Many years ago I had trouble with a belt that started slipping, after about 30 mins journey time.)


Another possible cause could be voltage drop due to poor connections in the route to the warning light via the ignition switch. In this case I would expect the warning light to have reduced brilliance.


On my 2006 X244 Ducato, the ignition switch is supplied by fuse F3, a 30A Maxi Blade fuse in the engine bay fuse box. If all else fails it is worth checking that tis fuse is not corroded, but I think that It would have given rise to other symptoms.








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Have a read thru this thread part way thru there's some info regards charging problems


Quite common for the wires to wear thru below the r/h headlight where they touch the ecu mounting




and some pics here



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Thanks for the replies

I Changed the earth strap and was getting High resistance reading, on checking the main corrosion was where the copper braid was crimped to the steel connectors all cleaned off and also a new strap added getting( .1 Ohm reading) now as well, don't get the battery until heavy revs are applied . on Checking voltage from the alternator it drops of as revs increase, So it looks like the alternator is breaking down under load.

My usual Fiat garage as stopped doing Fiat Vehicles and new fiat service centre fully booked for next 10days lucky me my local car garage are going to check it all for me . so it looks like a new or repair alternator .


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