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Remiflair IV Blinds


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Unfortunately one of the Remiflair IV blnds on my campervan has broken just around the self tapping screw hole at the bottom of one of the side arms. As this blind is fitted to the rear door it is possible that shutting the door has caused it to break. I did try blaming the wife but she was having none of it.


Anyway, does anyone know if it is possible to get side arms as a spare part or am i punished with buying a whole new blind. Looking at the prices of these I guess there must be some solid gold parts in there. I have tried searches but have found nothing as yet.

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I suspect that you won’t be able to purchase just a side-frame (Remiflair IV example here)




but leisureshopdirect should be able to confirm this.


A GOOGLE-search on “remiflair spares” identifies other potential suppliers, including this one




but I don’t think these are the “IV” versions.



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Thjank you. Yes, I have been doing the same and I am assuming that there is no source of spare parts. Is that a surprise?


Well, being a bit mean just for the sake of a screw hole my plan is to attach plastic strip to the rear of both side arms, redrill the holes and basically reinstall the blind. It shoulkd last long enough, or until the other door follows suit.

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Just to provide an update.


I was not able to source any spare parts so my plan to repair the one I had was put into action. I found glue in Halfords which is for hard plastics so using a short strip of angle plastic covered the original hole at the end of the arm. Re-drilling allowed fixing. This has proven to be solid and allowed me to re-assemble the blind and fit it securely. The white plastic blends in with the beige so unless you look, it is not apparent.


However, my advice to anyone with remis blinds is to treat them with kid gloves. Firslty spares are not available except for some of the older models, certainly not for Remiflair IV blinds which are fitted to most motorhomes nowadays. These blinds are not made of the strongest materials and especially if they are fitted to van doors, whcih are often slammed shut, they can easily break.


According to Remis spares are avilable through the approved dealership which for the UK is, or was, Unipart. The last time I tried to get parts this way Unipart requested them but Remis refused to supply. It seems their policy is to force you to buy another blind which in my case was upwards of £200, just for a rear door of a Ducato van.


The other isuue is to check the sizes of your own blinds as it appears that most vans use non standard sizes, at least again in my case a standard window for the rear door of a Ducato was not listed.


Now it may be that with time Remis will allow the sales of spare parts such as end caps and side arms for Remiflair IV blinds, but until they do, be careful.

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