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Bruges parking


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We stayed there last October, was €19 and we didn't pay for water empty, if memory serves me right the price was all in.


Would say it was very busy - we arrived mid morning and just one or two places left. There are two separate areas on each side of the road - the area to your left as you arrive had much bigger spaces than the one we used on the right.



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PJay - 2017-04-12 1:06 PM



Interesting , that water/elec free, but charge for waste water empty ?

Looks pretty good for an arie



Yes, nice way they put it. Water and Electric are free - but only after you pay the €19,00 / € 25,00 entrance fee!! B-)


But, a great place and so near to the town centre.

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Robinhood - 2017-04-12 3:51 PM


TBH, whilst it is somewhat further out (but still walkable - or there is a bus goes nearby), and slightly more expensive, I'd rather use Camping Memling, which is (much) quieter, and has decent facilities.




Agreed, and I think it was on your recommendation that we used it last year. It was a bit of a nightmare to find due to roadworks and temp road closures, but well worth it. Modern facilities, quiet location and a bus route into the centre just 5 mins walk from the site.

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"But, a great place and so near to the town centre."


Well, it's near the town centre - not so sure about the "great place" bit.


Stayed once in the "inner" bit, next to the coach park. Just as well that it wasn't full at the time, so we had an empty space between us & another van in one of the "blocks of 3 spaces" layout. Had someone parked between us, I doubt they would have been able to open the doors, as the spaces are so tightly packed. The "outer" bit is supposed to be a bit roomier, but is right next to the ring road. Be aware of the mosquitos - a couple got into the van & made a right meal of me overnight. If it is still there, the barge restaurant at the far side of the coach park was very good, if a bit pricy (though Belgium seems a bit pricy period to eat out).


Convenient for the (very nice) town centre, but we have not felt the need to return since & would probably explore the other options if we did.


Nigel B

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