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Mooveo C707


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Hi all. Any views on the Mooveo brand please? Notably C707 model dated 2010. I've been trying to find reviews of this MH (apparently a budget brand from Pilote). Aside from a positive review by outabdaboutlive in 2008, I've found nothing more recent and wonder how these vans have aged. Thanks in advance.
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Welcome. I hope you get a reply from an owner but it wasn't a popular brand in the UK and I have a feeling it was dropped by Pilote in 2013. Some hire fleets bought them.


The O&A review says it had a maximum Maximum Vehicle Weight of 3,500kg and a payload of 460kg. Although a six berth, it has just 4 seatbelts.


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Hi and welcome.


I have a Mooveo not a C707 but a P6 which is 6m low profile 3 berth.

As you have said it is a budget brand from Pilote and they are no longer produced

Mine is a 2010 model and apart from the rather naff graphics the rest of the vehicle is well kitted out.

Yes there are some corners cut - the Truma combi is gas only and the seating could give more

support, but overall we are very pleased with it and it has served us well for the three years that we

have owned it. Also has a huge payload - figures supported by weighbrige results

It has 4200 miles on the clock and has certainly stood the test of time, and has taken us to France

on 4 occasions without any problems

Based on the probably low asking price I would certainly recommend them.

Although no longer produced the appliances fitted are by well known manufacturers ie Dometic,

Truma and Thetford.


Hope this helps




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