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Varta/Bosch Powerframe Technology outperforms AGM - Official


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Out at a Caravan charger repair on Saturday and the couple tell me both their cars have suffered premature AGM battery failure. The BMW in less than three years, yet they live in Flint so not exactly an environment that requires lots of Stop/Starts.


"You will never guess what battery BMW used to replace the failed AGM?" they say.

They had obviously read the new AGM page because they were grinning.

"The BMW dealer has fitted a Bosch/Varta Powerframe EFB battery, what do you think about that!!".


He goes on, "It's even better than the old standard Powerframe batteries and now approved as a full Stop Start battery which they think will be more reliable than the AGM's they have had fail".



Not had chance to update the website till tonight. This link below shows that the EFB Powerframe is now rated on a par with AGM, if not superior to them, without any of the Motorhome charging and other hassles, of AGM.

See : https://uk.bosch-automotive.com/en/parts_and_accessories_2/service_parts_1/batteries_4/battery_technology/efb_4/efb_5



The primary difference between this EFB Powerframe battery (that also won "Truck Battery of the Year") and the Varta LFD90/Bosch L5 is price (£160?) and an additional feature of 'Polyester Scrim' to,

'aid additional retention of the active material for improved Deep Cycle resistance'.



As far as I am aware Powerframe technology is the only Wet battery competing with AGM, or according to the BMW Dealer out performing it.


If you have fitted Powerframe in your Motorhome, you should be feeling quite smug right now.



This does not necessarily mean you can fit the EFB version in your Motorhome, although all the existing manufacturer AGM fitments are car Stop/Start batteries so I don't see why not, but it does show that Powerframe is one very special technology.





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