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Be aware Re 2nd Hand Snooper SatNavs - Cobra® Electronics


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Just a ‘be aware’ message.


I bought a Cobra Electronics Snooper S5000 from the owner of a motorhome I’ve recently acquired.


It turns out that it has a 4MB memory card which needs to be upgraded to 8MB to receive map updates as part of Cobra's ‘life time map updates’ guarantee.


I contacted technical support who explained that it would cost £9.99 and it would just take a phone call to their sales office.


Phoned Sales who have declined to carry out the £9.99 upgrade as I am not the original owner (apparently the guarantee only applies to him) so the 8MB card would cost £99.


It's no doubt a legally valid approach and these guys have to make money somehow but it’s not great PR for their product range.


Needless to say I’ll not upgrade and instead will stick to Google satnav and paper maps, the latter, for me at least, being more interesting.



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I know nowt about satnavs, as never I've had one but do you need to go the "official" route to get a bigger memory card?....

Are there no other sources online that can be used?



..or would there be difficulties with it not be "recognised" ?

(presumably, they wouldn't be selling 'em if there was?)


..just a thought.

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Your last point is spot on.


Getting hold of a compatible 8MB memory card is straightforward (ebay £5 delivered). The issue will be with the software and data configuration loaded onto the memory card. I suspect the Snooper satnav software configured on their 4MB card expects a 4MB data/software card. Consequently, cloning the card (4MB to 4MB) would work fine but transferring the data on to a card formatted to 8MB would be detected by Snooper as an error and fail (tried it). Other satnavs may operate differently.

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