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Alko- high frame chassis-fiat ducato

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The adria sonic- supreme range uses this alko chassis. The interface to fiat is completely different as compared to the low frame.Adria is superb to utilise this high frame chassis having much more ground clearence compared to the more common low frame. And they make some double floor compartments out of it. The torsion bar axle attachment to the chassis is completely different compared to the low frame on the rear axle. They have a different axle block. The piece who transfer the forces to the chassis. However the axle it self and the swing arms are at the same level as the low frame. The low frame axle goes thru the chassis and the high frame goes under it. That means in case of alko x2- x4 air you have completely different attachments. The upper part and the lower. Is their anybody on this site who have alko x2-x4 on their rear axle in a high frame alko chassis?
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