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Sat nav help


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Hi I have bought camperstop europe.

I have a Tom Tom go 500. I have tried putting gps co ordinates in but they are not working.

I phoned Tom Tom and whilst they were really attentive we couldnt resolve the problem.

Just wondered if any one can advise please.


Many thanks



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Hi Steve


The coords in Camperstop Europe are in decimal degrees.


What format does your Tom Tom accept? On my (different) satnav I can choose what format to enter.


If your TT only accepts D/M/S then you'll have to do a conversion from Decimal Degrees.


Also, depending on which side of the meridian you are, you need to enter either East or West or sometimes a value with a minus sign if it's West.

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BKen1 - 2017-04-21 2:00 PM

Just what I have been looking for.

About a minute into this video tells you how to do Co ords input ,I found the my new TT 50 difficult to get a handle on just kept watching You Tube Videos got there in the end




Robbo TT accepts all the permutations of GPS inputs


Brian K

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stvekay - 2017-04-21 7:27 PM


Sorted thank you, the Camperstop book put N and E and said it was gps with my TomTom its decimal so no N or E needed.

Thanks again

Steve K


Hi Steve, if only life was so simple.


The first value you enter will default to North as you rightly say.


But be aware that depending which side of the Greenwich meridian your destination is, will depend on whether you enter E or W. Most satnavs default to East but there are many places in UK and Spain where it will be West.


Just checking that you understand the significance, otherwise you might end up in Poland when you were heading for Spain :-D

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this is one disadvantage with lat/long.....

once entered, check the route planned, ensure youre heading the right way....to the correct area.....

ideally, if available, you could add all the camperstop addresses (POI point of interest) in one go (loading a file, not typing them in, lol...) and then you can 'navigate to.....' a POI and all the lat/long detail wont need typing.

not sure if camperstop provides a file, but you can get one from Archies Camping or from www.campincar-infos.com

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