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Remis Cab Blinds


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Hello can anyone help me please. I'm after a set of Remis Cab Blinds for a 2002 Fiat Ducato Motorhome.

I have the near side door blind, I need the windscreen blind and the off side door blind. I have been told the manufacturer have broken the tool that makes this model and they haven't repaired or replaced it. Does anyone know if this correct and if so has anyone got these collecting dust who may want to sell them lol.

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If you have not been able to source the blinds you need by now, the likelihood is that it’s a lost cause.






Have you tried doing as I suggested last year and asked on the other (bigger) forums? Perhaps a WANTED advertisement in MMM magazine might be worth trying.

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We have a 2006 Ducato, I guess your van is probably the same cab? The change came in late 2006.

We have a blind at the front (windscreen) and curtains at the cab doors. You should be able to get a windscreen blind, so why not get a new one and put curtains at the side. I find these useful , when the sun shines onto me (in passenger seat) . I can pull it over my arm to stop getting burnt/hot.

The Alternative would be to buy an external silver screen. They do not take much time to put on. They act as both night screen and heat deflector as well. I doubt you will find a second hand one, as they do wear, we have had to repair ours a couple of times. You do not say what model your van is. There are hundreds of Ducatos about !


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This link lists current availability of Ducato cab interior blinds




The advice given is that Remis side and windscreen panels for pre-X250 Ducato models (1994-2006) are no longer available “...due to tooling damage we're told...”


Whether the ‘tooling damage’ suggestion is correct or not is immaterial, as it’s plain from the REMIS website




that the company now only offers REMIfront blinds for Ducato X250/X290 models.


It still seems practicable to obtain a Dometic pull-up roller-blind for earlier-model Ducatos



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