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John swift

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Hi can anybody recommend a good canopy repairer near south Manchester i have a FIAMMA wind out canopy and somehow its got a crease up the centre and with time its started to get small holes in the crease dont know if it can be repaired or i need a new one i have tried to flatten the crease out but it just creases every time i wind it in

Any help would be appreciated

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Camperland t/a agentfiamma may be able to assist.


Leestone Road

Sharston Industrial Area


M22 4RN



Sales Tel: 0161-902-3025

Customer Service Tel: 0161-902-3023

Fax: 0161-946-1383


E-Sales: sales@agentfiamma.co.uk

E-Service: customerservice@agentfiamma.co.uk


Office Opening Times


Monday - Friday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed

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Would it be practical to take the awning down, dampen the creased area with white vinegar and then iron it flat using a hot iron and a clean cloth to protect the fabric? Maybe start with a warm setting then get progressively hotter?



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Sorry for not getting back on this site had a few personal problems

But getting back to the canopy it has started to rip in places along the crease so no ironing wont solv thanks for the suggestion thing i will give the company that was suggested a ring to see if they can help think it will need a new canopy unless they can stitch a piece in

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