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Gas regulator


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Can anyone advise please .

I have a 38litre LPG underslung gas tank ,fitted to my motor home .It was fitted by Mth Gas systems from Gloucestershire as far as I can see they no longer trade .


The regular is now coming up to ten years old and I would like to replacement ,can anyone advise were I can get one .Done a google search nothing comes up with 38 Litre regula

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I believe MTH Gas Systems had ceased trading by 2009.


The LPG tanks they would have fitted would have been the common-or-garden type shown in this advert




I don’t know what gas-regulator MTH would have chosen to use with their tank installations, but it’s unlikely to have been anything special and was probably a simple 37mbar propane unit similar to the one shown in the attached photo. Whether it’s possible nowadays to obtain an exact like-for-like replacement for the original regulator is anybody’s guess.


If it’s not possible to obtain an exact match, then some modification to the system will be required to accommodate a different regulator design and you’d better be bloody careful if you intend to DIY the task as (I hesitate to say this) your inquiry suggests to me that your gas-related expertise is limited.


If there’s nothing to indicate there’s anything wrong with the present regulator, but you want it changed because of its age, I strongly advise you to get the work done professionally.


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You say your underslung tank is nearly 10 years old. Time for an inspection by a reputable installer to check condition of support straps etc.


My cousin who lives in Canada has to have his underslung tank inspected and certified every 5 years as part of the MOT test.



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Frank, if it is similar to the one in Derek's picture, it might be a Cavagna. I have attached a link to one that probably isn't the same, but the many different picture angles in the advert give you an idea of what to look for. Like mounting plate, whether it is 8mm or 10mm pipework, physical size, etc.


Why not take a photo of the installation and post it here?


I agree with Robbo that in such a vulnerable position to stones, road Salt, etc. a check by a Motorhome gas specialist is a good idea after all this time. It shouldn't take long so the cost won't be high and they should be able to swap the regulator in 15 minutes. If it reduces the risk of you leaking out Gas, it might actually save you money?




When we had a Truma regulator fail, we always used a Cavagna replacement, in 5 years we never had one fail like the Truma's did.



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Thanks to all for your replies ,MH is in garage having a sealed replaced on gear box slight oil weep,will contact them in morning and ask them to check out straps on Tank while up on ramp .Once back can use information to get correct regulator.Thanks again
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Like allpressure vessels, underslung LPG tanks are supposed to be hydraulically tested, which is a safe way to test that they can still hold some over-pressure without coming apart at the seams, but there are few is any places where you can get this testing done in UK so in practice you face the need to replace the tank instead to keep "in date".


The big, long time expert suppliers of underslung tanks in UK are based in Thirsk, N Yorkshire, so if the OP is gojng that way he could get them to check his system out properly.  Note that the regulators for underslung tanks are "liquid take off" types, similar to those used in car LPG conversions, so a standard caravan/MH regulator would not be suitable.


If the OP wants to end up with a properly tested and functioning gas system up to modern standards he might be facing paying for a comlete replacement storage and distribution system - and therefore might want to consider switching to refillable gas bottles as a more cost effective approach.


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StuartO - 2017-05-08 8:30 AM


...Note that the regulators for underslung tanks are "liquid take off" types, similar to those used in car LPG conversions, so a standard caravan/MH regulator would not be suitable...


The type of underslung LPG tank normally fitted to motorhomes will be the ‘vapour take-off’ type an example of which is shown here




Such tanks can be considered analogous to LPG bottles in that, in both cases, the LPG is taken from the container in vapour form from above the level of the liquid gas within the container.


A ‘liquid take-off’ tank could be fitted to a motorhome if the LPG it contained was to be used to fuel the vehicle’s motor and, in that instance, the LPG would be taken from the tank in liquid form with the pick-up point beneath the level of the liquid gas.


Photos of a couple of LPG gas tank installations are shown in this MHFacts thread.




I think the regulator in the 1st photo may be a Clesse-branded regulator, and (as it says in the thread) the regulator in the 2nd photo is a Truma/GOK CS 30mbar regulator that’s pretty much the norm nowadays when a motorhome has a LPG ‘bottle’ system. But both regulators will be the same ‘standard’ type as used with a gas-bottle system.

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