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Tec tower oven rattle FIXED


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I have had an annoying rattle in my Tec tower oven that has been driving us both mad. It is now the only thing to rattle and only appears at certain speed/ road conditions and so has been hard to diagnose. I have now found out where it comes from and a solution that may be of interest to someone.(I used an electric back massager to get it to rattle when stationary)


The problem is due to a narrow gap between the brown outer door surround and the silver inner door panel. There are not enough fixing screws (self tapers) between the two parts and at a certain speed, it seems to hit a resonance where the two parts "ring". The solution is to squirt a few blobs of high temperature silicon between the gaps (don't run a seam of silicon in gap otherwise you may not get it off again if ever needed).

Attached are some photos.

To remove the glass outer door, there are 4 fixing screws inside the oven door and 2 screws to remove the handle. You just need to lift off the door (carefully!) to gain access to the parts. The whole job should take less than half an hour. The silicon is just intended to fill the gap in a few places to hold the parts apart - it is not to seal the gap as such.The silicon needs to be a high temperature type intended for ovens etc. This is usually good up to 300degC or higher.








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