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Tips for modular campervan conversion


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I've almost finished converting my VW T25 into a modular campervan.


You can see it here--->


Instead of using a rock n roll bed, which are heavy and expensive, I squared off the back. With the addition of two footstools, the back can form a bed platform. It is also a large seat area during the day.


I've done a few things differently.....built an overhead locker and used a salad bowl as a sink.


You don't need to spend tens of thousands converting a van.



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Great achievement. Well done. The hard part for me would be having the confidence to go for something different.


Love the decor. Makes the van feel lovely and fresh. It might be worth you having a look at a top of the range Niesmann & Bischoff Smove [van conversion] costing over £100k. It won awards for interior design - or blandness. Prefer yours!


Does the tambourine replicate the rattles the rest of us get in our motorhomes?



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Congrazs, it looks fantastic!

We are also in the middle of renovating a truck into a motorhome and I know only too well how much work and efforts it requires. So hats off to you for such an amazing job!

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