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Tyre inflation kit


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I'm a great cynic as far as tyre inflation kits are concerned - I would never have a vehicle (car or motorhome) without a spare wheel, and tend to refer scornfully to 'Fix'n'Go' kits as: 'In a Fix and Going Nowhere'!


However, credit where credit is due. Today, our painter came round to do some exterior high-level work on our house, in his Renault Master van (a Wilker ex-ambulance campervan/workvan conversion - very interesting - but another story!) When he was leaving I noticed he had a flat tyre. He had no spare tyre, (or jack!), just three cans of an aerosol inflation foam.


When we finally got the van raised (unfortunately, our Citroen Relay's jack was incompatible with the Master, so we had to use our car's jack), he used just one can of foam on the tyre, and we then used a footpump to pump some air in (while keeping a finger over the puncture, which appears to have been a nail). Then he set off, leaving a series of white foam dots on the road as the hole sealed.


He returned safely to base, and said the foam appeared to have expanded during the trip. He later drove the van fifteen miles to the tyre fitters and obtained a replacement tyre - and a jack!


Obviously, it would have been a different story if the tyre had been cut, or if he had driven on it, while it was flat, for any distance. It hasn't changed my insistence on carrying a spare wheel at all times - BUT, in favourable circumstances, clearly, the foam CAN work. Moreover, only one small can was needed for a 225/70/16 van tyre - impressive!

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