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Austrian TV reception


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We've used a TV for local weather abroad for a few years, re-tuning as we travel around. In some parts of Austria, re-tuning it came up with no stations at all to our surprise. When we enquired locally about this (having first assumed our received had packed up!) we discovered the area had gone over exclusively to satellite and cable.


The site we were on (Bad Gastein) offered cable at all the electrical points and all we would have needed would have been an extension coaxial cable. So if local TV is important to you, make up a long extension on coax and thread it in through a window as required.


I gather this is also true in some areas of our own Lake District so it may be the way to go in difficult reception areas.


I know many will get round it with satellite TV, but we're just not that addicted to TV..... play lots of Scrabble on holidays instead!!

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We have two young children where CBeebies is an essential part of life and found that several sites in the UK have poor TV reception. However, like in Austria they usually offer a TV point on the EHU post.


I started off creating a 25 metre TV coax lead but found that signal strength could be so low on some sites that the signal loss down such a long piece of cable meant insufficient signal at the TV for Cbeebies and TinyPop, even when the signal strength for BBC 1 was ok.

This was with quality 'low loss' cable.


Cutting the Coax cable 'in half' solved this. I now have a 10m and 15m cable I can join to create 25m.



So I would suggest that rather than one long cable, you might think about two with a cable joiner so you can extend to 25m if needs be?





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