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Faulty 240V element or wiring fault? Inspect plug connections.


Based on a 135W element, I would expect to read about 400 Ohms when measuring across the plug pins, with a multimeter.


For this test the fridge must be switched ON, and selected to 240V., or is it AES?





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Assume you are saying that you have established 240v power is reaching the back of the fridge?


Possible faults could be:


1) fault at fridge control panel in the mains switching circuit

2) 240v heating element kaput


With mains disconnected, isolate the 2 wires to the heating element and test for continuity or resistance.


Access rear of fridge control panel and check security of the push in plugs by removing and reinserting.


It might be helpful if you indicated the fridge manufacturer and model reference.


Edit. Just seen Alanb post - suggest you follow his suggestions.

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