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Thetford N175 gas problem


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Hi everyone,

I have just fitted a new power board to our N175 AES fridge. Straight forward and didn't have to take the fridge out. It has not been used for about 6 weeks when the power board fault happened. It is working OK on hook up and 12v but when I change it to gas, it ignites but then times out showing error code 9.

I have checked the flame which is clean and blue and given it a good clean to get rid of any dust. The igniter is set at about 4mm to the burner and sparks constantly during the 30 second ignition but then times out. All other gas appliances are working without problems.

What else should I be looking for before having to buy new parts.

Many thanks, Mark.



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Guidance on Thetford fridge error codes can be found here




though from your comments I’m guessing you already have this information.


There are a fair number of on-line entries referring to this problem




but I suspect you will have explored the GOOGLE-search avenue and tried out all the ‘fixes’ suggested.

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