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Techlite Pro XL awning........ how to erect.....movie?


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Hi all: it's getting on ,a bit now, but having given it a go a few weeks ago in Henley on Thames, I'm keen to give it a go on out next continental trip.

The space benefit justifies a bit more effort on my part I think.

I am particularly challenged by the confusion of straps and webbing that lie around the base of the walls, and am tempted to just cut them off, and rely on more pegs.

Can anyone point me in the direction of a movie, or some detailed instructions please?


Alan b

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I don't know how relevant this reply is to your awning.


We had a Movelite awning with straps and pins, maybe yours is sort of similar ! Ours had two fold over poles that fixed to the webbing, From web pictures I see that the awning seems to have one hoop pole and two ground fixings. I assume there is no fixed ground sheet ?


The way our awning was erected;


We did not fix our awning to the mhome, but moved the whole thing once it was up.


Rollout the awning so you know which way round you are, if in correct, find two corners on a side and line it up with motor home.


Find the corners that are adjacent to the mhome side and line up and loosely peg them .

You should be able to find the other corners (maybe a ring or webbing tacked at right angles) pull out the corners, the webbing, should sort of, slide under the canvas and enable you to get a square footprint.


I an not sure how your poles fix to the awning, ours had a ring with a pin, that stuck into the bottom of the pole. it was a bit of a fight to line them up and fix, but one person inside taking the weight of the awning and poles helped a lot.


Once you have the footprint square, loosely pegged, you can fight with the poles ! Insert through the sleeves and as said above, a person inside does help.


With luck, the awning should spring into shape ?? !!!


Return to the pegs , zip up the doors, , pull the webbing tight, squaring up the base relative to the mhome, and finally peg out the corners securely. You can then follow with the other base pegs and guys.


There are usually thicker storm straps (12mm webbing) that fix from the side corners to the ground, it's an idea to peg them out, as they are quite visible, and save you from garrotting yourself on thinner guys.


First time up properly, it may be useful to measure or take photos, so that the next time you can remember what went on and how.


Of course I could be completely off beam, and this advice is no use at all !









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So the webbing straps establish the length of each wall of the awning, and thereby establish the corner positions?

Sounds reasonable and I can measure that out before I start putting pegs in!

Going to try on the drive tomorrow, and have sent for some of the Kampa limpet fixings.

Thanks Tony, I'll be in your debt if it goes well!


Alan b

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Basically if you lightly peg the two corners adjacent to the mhome side, you can pull the webbing into shape (hopefully with sides of the awning) by squaring off the other corners and lightly peg. When sorted, fix pegs properly.


One other thing that springs to mind, and maybe the cause of your problem. Our awning sides were independent of the webbing ! However the design of the bottom of the awning had ties which could be tied around the webbing, I think it was a ventilation idea, that worked ok, rather than OK.


We left the awning bottom tied to the webbing, so webbing and side were connected.


We have now gone pneumatic! And a learning curve that is .



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