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Where to go for Christmas?


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After some recommendations as to where to go for Christmas.

I am a teacher so have two weeks off, from Friday 22nd until Monday 8th. We live in the Isle of Man, so will need to get a ferry to Heysham, and then travel from there, so realistically I need to be back at Heysham by lunchtime on Saturday 6th Jan.

I have a 7 year old daughter, and we prefer quiet places without organised entertainment, bars , disco's etc, although quite like a swimming pool. We tend to stay a couple of nights in a place and then move on. Happy to stay in Aires, free spots or campsites.

I was thinking of just pottering around the UK for the fortnight, but given the weather at Christmas am concerned that I could end up with two weeks stuck in the van with wind and rain etc, so am thinking of heading across the channel, probably using the Tunnel. I am happy to travel up to about 500 miles in each direction once I reach Calais.

Does anybody have any suggestions as to where to go?



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Not sure you can guarantee decent weather at Xmas, unless you travel to southern Spain, which would probably be mainly booked by now! Many French sites close in September . Two weeks not very long , so if you intend to come over to UK , suggest maybe looking on the south coast , to get reasonable weather


Good luck , but do consider booking soon


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