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Mirror-Guard Adhesive Pads

Derek Uzzell

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A while-I-remember tip...


I fitted the latest design of Mirror-Guard mirror protectors to my Rapido motorhome not long after obtaining the vehicle in July 2015.


These protectors push over the plastic ’shell’ of the mirror and are retained in place by double-sided adhesive pads stuck to the protector’s hard-foam inner lining. Recently, when I was folding in the mirror, I happened to pull on the outer edge of one of the protectors and it detached from the shell. I pulled on the other protector and it did the same.


Mirror-Guard protectors fit quite tightly on the mirror’s shell and mine probably would not have fallen off unless they were given a knock from the rear or pulled from the front. I’m not sure if adhesive pads will hold long term, so rather than use that type of fixing again I put a few large blobs of clear silicone sanitary sealant on to the foam lining before pushing the protectors back in place.


The protectors seem to be firmly fixed now. It ought to be possible to remove them (maybe!) if they are pulled hard enough, though the more silicone sealant used the more difficult it would be to get them off. Using a construction-adhesive (eg. Sikaflex) would be inadvisable unless you never wanted to remove the protectors.

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