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Cycle covers


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I'm a bit surprised your Fiamma cover split. We've had ours for six years and used it regularly.

OK it's showing some wear and it's got chain oil on it but no sign of any split.

I reckon that it's all in the fitting, a little slack to allow for wind action but not pulled tight.


Otherwise agree with the OP - just cover the saddles.

One positive point about covering is that the low life cannot see the value of the bikes underneath very easily. :-S

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Hi, our fiamma one is 4 years old and held together with duck tape..and other stick brown plastic tape normally used for parcels. It is in desperate need of replacement, but serves the purpose

Covers the 2 electric bikes, and held on by selection of bungies


May get surprise xmas present replacement..hint hint.




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TheSearles - 2017-09-21 11:33 AM




I do quite a lot of cycling so maintain my bikes. I can't fathom why we need a cover. I can see they might get dirty and the saddle / handle bars need wiping over. But, bikes, get dirty and need cleaning anyway. can I ask why people use them?



Probably because marketing by the people who sell them is effective.


The only "positive" I can see in covering your bikes is ( as mentioned somewhere previously ) that they may deter the low life from nicking them.



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When I do decide to take my bike with me I don't cover it in transit except the saddle with a plastic bag. My bike carrier fits on a tow bar ball and if I was to cover the bike it would badly obscure the rear lights and brake lights. The rack does contain its own independent lights, but IMO are not as visible as I would like.

I do own a cheap bike cover bought from Argos, which I use on site when the bike will not be in use.

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