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Decided to sell my motorhome.


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raymarg - 2017-10-09 11:03 PM


hi ,we have done it the other way round,have had a boat and still have a boat on the R Avon [fyi tracker]after 42years but three years ago bought a motorhome because we felt there was a lot of places we hadn't seen,motorhoming is so hassle free with no tides,wind and floods and the comradery is second to none.Can't to get on the Dieppe ferry in april ,the only downside is the boat has to go.


Motorhoming can be hassle free as long as everything goes right!


Boating too can be hassle free as long as everything goes right.


The trouble is only rarely does everything go right over a season and whilst the river is certainly more forgiving than the open sea, as long as you have a secure and adequate rising mooring, boats like motorhomes can be very tempermental at any time, usually the least convenient!


We have had many years of both and I wish you well with your motorhome exploring, but please expect things to go wrong and be prepared to handle every eventuality, especially abroad where language and distance can make even a simple problem difficult to resolve on the spot.


I sometimes think that tides, rain, gales etc are easier to handle and more predictable than some people!


PM me with details if you are selling your boat, although I doubt SWMBO will let me buy one yet, but you never know?

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