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Roller blind not retracting


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Hi all,


Working through the bits and pieces to fix on our first motorhome a 2004 Hobby 750. Next on my list is one of the window blinds. The 'flynet' does not roll up properly. Took the screw caps off and took all the screws out of the upper left and upper right corners and accross the top, expected the cover to pop off but it didn't and I didn't want to force it.


Have done some research REMIS seem to be a likely manufacturer but can't find the right looking parts/ schematics. So I have 2 questions:

1. Can anybody tell me who makes the blinds

2. Any advice on typical faults/fixes, my guess is a broken spring.

Hopefully I have posted a photo ?

Help/advice gratefully received.

Cheers stew


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From my limited experience, the spring mechanism seems to be reasonable robust.


I have Seitz blinds and the flyscreen refused to retract on 2 of the windows. After removing the internal frame, it was obvious that the plastic retaining clip had broken. This clip is essential in keeping the flyscreen tensioned.


Perhaps a similar situation has occurred to your flyscreen ?

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The first thing to do is confirm the make/model of the window blind.


Hobby has indeed fitted Remis window blinds to their motorhomes (my own Hobby had them) but they have also fitted Seitz products. Based on your partial photo, the slots in the plastic surround and what I take to be screw-covers suggest to me that your Hobby’s windows and interior blinds may be Seitz products. Look for a maker’s name somewhere. Remis commonly put their name on the blind catch, while the Seitz name will be on the ‘glass’ of the window.


Seitz windows can be two-part, with exterior and interior frames that are held together by screws passing through the motorhome’s bodywork, and with the blind mechanism within the interior frame. (see link below.)




If you have this type of window it might explain why the cover does not come off easily. (Care needs to be taken with two-part windows, as removing the fixing screws may result in the complete exterior frame + window-glass falling off the motorhome.)


If it proves impossible for you to identify the manufacturer of the window/blind, if you can take some better photos of the window you might try contacting Leisureshopdirect




who market Remis and Seitz wndows and spares and whose website has links to repair instructions/schematics.


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thanks both, that explains why the screws were so long, certainly long enough to reach through. Good advice on complete removal and potential repair which I will now try.


I have to say I am very happy with my first Motorhome, Hobby build quality seems good (I have had quite a few things apart) and although I am fixing faults many of them are due to lack of maintenance by previous owners, or just wear and tear the van is 13 years old after all !!


cheers stew


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