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If you look at the ‘Last Post’ date of earlier postings on this forum, you’ll see that there have sometimes been long periods of inactivity. For example, 14 July 2016 was followd by 9 September 2016.


When the OA&L forums were created, the forums were assigned to the magazines Warners published. There was already a well established, well thought of and active motorhome-related forum hosted by Warners and the Motorhome Matters forum was a follow-on from that forum.


However, there had been no caravan-related forum hosted by Warners and when Caravan Chat was created it was in direct competition with other well-established ‘caravan’ forums elsewhere on the internet.


The consequence has been that caravanners haven’t much bothered with Caravan Chat. (It’s also noticeble that, when an inquiry is posted to Caravan Chat, it’s commonplace for motorcaravanners who normally participate on Motorhome Matters to offer advice!)


There are alternative on-line ‘caravan’ forums with a larger and more active user-membership



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