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oyster vision 2


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Hi there,i have just bought a autotrail cheyenne 2006 with a oyster vision 2 sat system.I do have the instruction manual but it's not helping me at the moment.I've never had a sat system on a van before so i don't really have the faintest idea about them.I don't have a tv yet to properly try it out but sometimes when i switch on the sat system the dish raises turns and then stops in the raised position which seems normal but most of the time when i press the on button on the operating panel the display lights up with "oyster vision 2+" the unit clicks about 5 or 6 times even upto a dozen times then the display reads "Rev:Vis 2.12 E3" for a second or two then the display goes dark.

Any help or advice would be gratefully recieved.


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Good news is that the Rev: Vis 2.12 E3 looks more recent than mine (Vis 1.02 E3) - and my Oyster Vision 2 works OK.


Normally when you send the dish up it will do quite a few sweeps and once it's found the satellite, it will display the satellite reference on the control panel for a few seconds (say Astra 2). It will then say, connect receiver (sat box/TV).


If you purchase a standard 12v TV you'll also need a free to air digibox. I use a 12v pace skybox but these aren't made anymore. OR you could purchase a TV with inbuilt satellite decoder.


First thing to understand is that the dish is connected directly to the Oyster brainbox located within the vehicle somewhere. The control panel is also connected to the brainbox. The control panel gives information to the brainbox so the dish can find the satellite.


A coaxial cable exits the brainbox and sends a signal to the digibox where it is modified so it's suitable for the TV (either by scart cable or HDMI cable). OR direct to the TV if it has it's own satellite decoder.


It might be worth trying to contact the previous owner to check if the system was working OK when he sold the vehicle. Did it lock-on to Astra 2? There have been some recent changes this year to the frequencies used to lock-on to Astra 2 (the satellite which transmits BBC, ITV etc).


The instruction manual is not very easy to understand. Suggest you ignore all the stuff about DiseqC and concentrate on the basics.


If you have problems, a useful contact is Anthony Read, Oyster Sat-Tech LTD, Welford, Northampton (UK Oyster representative). I've always found him very helpful. Just phone and describe any problems you may have to the receptionist.

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