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Banner Leisure Battery Water Level Check


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Hi Can anyone confirm if this is the correct way to ensure the correct electrolyte level for a Banner leisure battery.

The Banner online tech manual specify 15 mm max above the cell plates for a wet lead acid battery or the cell level clip indicator. I assume that the cell level indicator clip is the plastic stalk suspended in each cell which does correspond to 15 mm approx above the plates when measured by carefully using a thin plastic strip marked at 15 mm.

I am aware there is max and min level indicators scribed the translucent battery case, but you need to remove the battery to view them which is not an easy job on my motorhome.

The reason I ask this is that I have an old spare identical Banner leisure battery and if you use the cell clip method then you appear to exceed the max level line scribed on the battery case by about 2-3 mm albeit, if you dip the cells the levels are at the recommended max level i.e.15 mm above the plates.

Is it ok to use the method above in para 1 or is there an easier way?


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