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Solar Regulator


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I wonder if anyone can help me. I was about to order the recommended Voltronic controller to replace the cheapo fitted to my van when I noticed the wiring diagram. This states it is only to be installed verticaly. My current one is fitted flat on the floor and there is no room to fit any other way. Can anyone recommend a MPPT controller suitable? Van is a Rapido V55 120w solar to 2x110amp batteries. Electrics are under the floor beneath the dining table.


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From the pdf manual :



Screw-down the solar controller on an even and hard mounting surface at locations being protected from humidity and

near the main/board battery (BOARD I) to ensure that the length of the battery connection cable is as short as possible.

Vertical installation of the controller is highly recommendable (the terminals for solar panel and batteries point down).

This mode of installation improves cooling of the unit and avoids that water runs along the connection cables of the solar

panel into the solar controller, even in case of damaged seals.

If used, the cable to the starter battery (START II) can be longer.

Despite the solar controller's high efficiency, heat is produced. Ensure sufficient ventilation in the environment of the unit,

so that the heat can be carried-off.

The unit might heat-up. Consequently, the vent holes of the casing should never be covered to ensure full charging capacity

(minimum distance all around: 10 cm).


Looks like it's just recommended because the possibility of rain running down the cables, also there is a tiny cooling fan in the top left that would work marginally better if upright. Personally I would mount it flat, mine doesn't get warm although the fan comes on when charging at over 6 amps and we are in Spain.

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Thank you gentlemen.

I was just about to press order when I looked at the diagram.

One more question how do I wire up the starter battery? Current regulator has 2 clearly marked sets of connections + and _ this shows only one wire going to second battery. Do I use the negative as common?

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