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JAPAN. Of interest perhaps or delete


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I have a group of friends returning from Japan. Filtering out the non relevant details the following may be of interest ?


An analysis of our tour using a gps phone.


Japan is a very mountainous country with some very high ones always close by where ever we were. The roads through the coastal areas and quiet country lanes with little traffic. The speed limit is only 30 or 40 kph in cities, rising to 50kph on country roads. Drivers were always patient and considerate Weather has been warm, ranging between 20*C and 30 *C, with low humidity. Food is plentiful, with good snacks on the road available in the many 7eleven's and similar convenience stores like Lawson. Restaurants in the towns and cities were easy to find and served delightful, very tasty meals that were cheaper than similar in Australia, although we often didn't know what we were eating.


Public toilets are always very clean and not far away. A few still had squat style, but we liked the disabled ones best. I noticed a small target painted in the urinal at Tokyo airport, a bit strange. WifI is available in many areas, but patchy in cafes etc. it was much better in our various lodgings and local information centres.


People everywhere have been terrific and wanted to help in any way they could. Eg. The Japanese girl who signalled the guard to hold up a train, while we asked for advice. The young lady who stopped to ask if we needed help and directed us to a restaurant. The man who noticed me looking for a bin and took my rubbish. And so many more. True pastry shops are few and far between. Finally found one and bought what looked like an apple turnover, but was I was disappointed to find it to be sweet potato. Fruit is not often used in these delicacies, while a vegetable is most often the choice of filling.


There is much more but it was a cycle tour.



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Will86 - 2017-10-14 1:24 PM

I noticed a small target painted in the urinal at Tokyo airport, a bit strange.


Funny enough this was on HIGNFY last night, also in UK a fly is marked on some urinals.


Anyway, that aside, gf has an hankering to go to Japan, we may get there eventually.

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