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hymer(Isri) Swivel Seat - taking up the slack the swivel pivot point, which is a threaded stud we


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i've just had sweaty experienced (32 inside the MH) xworking out how to cure sloppy swivel, so I thought I would share how to do it. 

The Isri seat adjusts for yaw (swivel) tilt and fore and aft slide, in ascending order. Mine was sloppy in yaw (swivel) so I needed to tighten up. I discovered that you do not need to disturb the other two seat adjustment mechanisms or fastenings; don't star taking the seat off!

Just face it forwards and slide fully forwards. From the rear you can now access the pivot nut (and locking nut) simply by lifting the rubber curtain. Slacken the lock nut, tighten the main nut and retighten the lock nut - that's it. 
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