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New leisure battery needed?


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A few weeks ago the mains charger for our leisure battery went south. We didn't realise this until the lights in the van went out, by which time the voltage was down around 11 volts. We charged up the leisure battery from running the van for 1/2hour or so every day until we got home (it got a 5 hour charge on the way home). Two weeks later we had an engineer out who diagnosed that the mains charger was dead and replace it.


Last weekend we went away for a few days and all seemed fine with the battery showing 14 ish volts when the van was plugged into a mains hook up. I've gone to the van today (4 days after we got back) and the leisure battery is reading no volts (I think the lowest point on the scale is around 8 volts). We bought the van secondhand 2 1/2 years ago and we have no idea how old the leisure battery is.


Before a splash out a lot of cash on a new leisure battery, how do I tell if it is the battery that is at fault?



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I would guess the battery has expired and overloaded the charger.


From your description, the battery has also now taken out the replacement charger?



Would suggest you replace the battery as soon as you can then thoroughly check the new chargers state before the Alternator is next on the list??


See our webpage on 'Battery charging Faults' for more info : http://www.aandncaravanservices.co.uk/battery-charging-faults.php




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