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Newbie- Taken the plunge


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Hi all, been thinking about an MH for some months, Spent hours at various dealers and even more hours on the web went to the NEC on Saturday. Taken the plunge!!! New Rapido 696ff arrives in March. Looks like I'll spend the next 4 months reading every thread I can, sooo looking forward to new life on the road :-D
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Welcome to the Out&AboutLive forums.


Probably not important, but the 696FF model has been dropped from Rapido’s range for the 2018 model-year.


The “FF” suffix used to indicate that a Rapido low-profile motorhome had a ceiling-mounted drop-down bed and those models were taller than the equivalent Rapidos without the drop-down bed.


For 2018 Rapido has rationalised its low-profile line-up and all 2018 low-profile designs have the same height and can be supplied without or with an (optional) drop-down bed, the only exception being the 604F where the drop-down bed is standard.


So you’ve probably ordered a 696F



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The 696F can be obtained built on a Fiat Ducato ‘light’ chassis (3500kg or 3650kg maximum overall weight) or on a ‘heavy’ chassis (4400kg maximum overall weight) and with manual or ‘automatic’ Comfort-Matic transmission.


I don’t have the 2018 Rapido UK brochure to hand. However, when I was at Rapido’s Mayenne factory last week I picked up the 2018 French brochure and it appears from this that, for models built on the ‘light’ 3500kg/3650kg chassis and with manual transmission, ESP with Traction+, ESC and Hill Descent Control continues to be offered by Rapido as a cost-option.


ESP (etc) is included when the motorhome will be built on the ‘heavy’ 4400kg chassis or will have Comfort-Matic transmission but, for Ducato ‘light’ Rapidos with a manual gearbox, ESP needs to be deliberately specified (and paid for) when the motorhome is ordered.


Obviously I don’t know what specification you’ve chosen, but if you’ve ordered a 3500kg/3650kg manual-gearbox version of the 696F and not chosen the ESP option, there’s every likelihood that your motorhome will come without it.


It’s just something to be aware of so that, if you wanted ESP and it looked like you would not be getting it, you’d need to ask for the order to be modified without delay.


(ESP cannot be retro-fitted, and when I ordered my 640F in 2014 the ESP option was priced at £460.)

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