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Motor Home Cover


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Hi Guys,


Can anyone suggest a good MH cover. I have seen covers for Vans and larger vehicles that you can drive in and out of so Ideally I am looking for something along these lines. Do they do any drive in drive out cover for a motor home does anyone know..


Kindest Regards


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I looked into drive-in temporary shelters of MH size the advantage of which is that the shelter is self-supporting and does not risk marking the MH, which slip-on covers might do.


For example this: PVC Storage is 10m long and priced at £1,200 plus delivery is at the cheaper end of the spectrum.  The instructions say that it should not be expected to withstand snow or wind loadings!  If you want a semi-permanent structure capable of standing a gale, you might have to pay 10 times as much.


I suppose the practicability depends on where you have the room to erect them and whether they are robust (or in a sheltered enough place) to withstand a gale force wind.




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