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I assume you are seeking a flyscreen similar to the one shown in the attached photo.


Two manufacturers of this sort of product are Remis and Horrex






with the Remis flyscreen probably the easiest to obtain in the UK.




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Since your van originates from mainland Europe, it's most likely that the flyscreen is made by Horrex, a Dutch company.


You don't mention the mode of failure but if it's the cord system that has broken, they can be repaired, but it involves fairly advanced DIY skills.


If you just want to replace it with the same, just google Horrex for UK suppliers.


PS. If non of the horizontal cords in the flyscreen are broken, it may be that the cord in either the top or bottom rail has become detached from the anchor point. A fairly easy fix.


Edit, just seen Derek's post - could be a Remis blind as he mentioned.

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