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2011 Fiat Ducato - resetting oil service light ?


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There are instructions here




but the instructions are said to be applicable to 2012-2016 Ducatos, so may not work with your 2011 vehicle.


I’ve looked briefly at the Fiat Forum and gained the impression that the ability of the vehicle owner to reset this warning light may depend on when the Ducato was built and also which motor it is fitted with (which you have not stated) and, in some instances, resetting the light will require diagnostic equipment that only a Fiat agent is likely to have.


If the procedure shown on the video-clip doesn’t work, you might try asking on the Fiat Foum




(Nick Fisher (euroserve) may be able to advise if he spots your inquiry.)

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The garage forgot to rest mine after a service . I was on my way to Spain when it came on. I remember reading on this forum that it would go out after 1000 miles and it did .his web page indicates that you can reset light But I have never tried it
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The video-clip you refer to also appears on the lnk I provided in my posting above, however I’m now pretty sure the procedure only applies to to pre-X250 Ducatos (ie. those constructed prior to mid-2006).


This 2013 MHFacts thread discussed the issue.




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That YouTube video-clip has been mentioned a couple of times before here, but always in respect of a Peugeot Boxer or Citroen Relay. In fact, the video-clip carries two comments "does not work on a 2016 ducato?” and "wont work on 2013 fiat?”.


It’s likely that Alan’s 2011 Fiat Ducato has a Euro 4 powerplant, but it’s certainly worth him seeing if the procedure would work on his motorhome.


The procedure is:


1: Ignition on, press accelerator pedal to floor and keep it there.

2: Depress brake pedal and keep it there.

3: Hold for about half a minute, while Change Engine Oil scrolls across screen, until it stops appearing.

4: Switch ignition off.

5: Switch ignition back on, and after a few seconds, check the Oil Miles counter.


(The procedure is similar to that used to reset the oil-change information of a Ford Transit, though I don’t know if that’s relevant.)

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Thanks to all you guys for your speedy replies, but , ( there''s always a but ) I have tried all the methods mentioned, and seen all the video's but so far nothing has worked.

I was told that soon the MOT rules will change, and any warning lights that are lit will mean a failure, just to clarify the vehicle is a 2011 reg Bessacarr e560 built on a Fiat Ducats lwb chassis, engine is 2287cc 130 multijet 6 speed manual euro4

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oldaljones - 2018-02-19 2:46 PM


...I was told that soon the MOT rules will change, and any warning lights that are lit will mean a failure...


The revised MOT Inspection Manual is available on-line in draft form.




Modern vehicles’ instrument displays are festooned with lights, and a few of these when illuminated would result in an MOT test failure - but not a warning-light/message suggesting the vehicle’s oil-level might be low or that it is overdue for a service.


(You could try contacting a Fiat Professional agent and ask if there’s a simple procedure that the owner of a Euro 4 Ducato might use to turn off the oil service light. I think the answer is No, but it would do no harm asking.)

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