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At our last home we had a large garage for the MH and it undoubtedly helped to keep the vehicle in good condition, for example preventing pooling of water on the roof and green growth - and of course corrosion underneath.  MHs are not as well protected as modern cars and so under sealing or waxoyling becomes more important. And garage will perhaps help to avoid corrosion-related component reliability too - at a price.

But building (or renting) a garage is not cheap.  And a garage (let alone an old barn on a farm) doesn't provide perfect preservation and it could actually increase the risk of some hazards, for example vermin infestation, unless suitable additional protective steps (eg setting mouse traps) are taken.  Garage get hasn't prevented our MH (now 11 yrs old) getting its share, perhaps more than its share) on mechanical failures.

On balance if you can afford to garage your MH I would say do it - but building a garage would cost around £20,000, so having done it once, I decided not to do it again when we moved.  Our MH is now parked on hard standing alongside the house - but we seem to have avoided roof leaks and dampness (Hymer build quality?) and I have spent extra money this year having the under seal beefed up.
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