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Fly Screens


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Hi All,

Have a swift mondial on a fiat Van.


The trouble with this is it has no fly screens for side and rear doors. So having had a look round on tinterweb i have found some but they seem quite expensive, and the more i spend on this the less i have for traveling. So, i was wondering if you guys/girls have any other solutions or things you have done to sort this.


Thanks in advance



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Sliding fly-screens are available for panel-van-conversion side doors but (as you say) they are not cheap and I’m not aware of any equivalent for rear doors..


You could do as Colin did and opt for a basic approach that adapts something cheap and cheerful like this




or consider the more sophisticated, tidier (not outrageously expensive) purpose-designed screens advertised here






that should be suitable for a 2009 Mondial’s side and rear doors.

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Alternatively have a look at cheap versions available for home use. There are some suitable for patio doors which have velcos top & side fixings with central magnets for opening, which can be cut to height.


Another alternative would be "windblockers" who do produce a standard for coachbuild doors but can also manufacture to size.


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