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We are new motorhomers and about to take delivery of an Autotrail Imala 730.


Having researched security measures online, seems the Disklok comes well recommended. Interested in general views.


Also, dealer tells me steering wheel diameter is 39cm which suggests 'medium' size Disklok, is this consistent with what others have bought for those that use one?



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I've got one on my transit (mk7) based Chausson.

It's easy to fit/remove and a visible deterrent.


The transit has issues with security and insurance have required a tracker fitting, but while the tracker wont prevent the van being taken, the disklok will certainly hinder (to some extent) a would be thief.


The transit wheel is about 370mm and the small disklock fits fine. Our old van (an earlier transit) had a bigger wheel (~390mm) and it didn't fit that wheel so I would say the medium will be the correct choice.

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