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spare parts


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Whenever I change a Motorhome, I build up information by picking an item (Oven, Fridge, light fitting, rear light cluster and lamps etc). I bookmark them because my memory is not what it was and I have something to refer to ... if I remember I have made bookmarks. :$
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I had an Autostratus CK previously and had built up a database of spare parts and repair organisations, however that went with the motorhome when I sold it along with handbooks and all instruction leaflets.

The only ones that now stick in mind are


For all things Carver



Spare parts (though perhaps not so much nowadays)




If yours has a Zig unit




For fridge manual




Cooker and other spares




I'm afraid that is about all I can remember for specific information, remember a lot of fittings are standard across more than Eldis.


hope that is some help for you.




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