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Anderson Connectors


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Hi everyone

I have been reading the forum for a number of years and always have found useful information. I am doing some electric work on my van and need some info. My current set up from LB to relay is as follows:

115 Ah Leisure battery 1

25Amp Fuse

Junction box, accomodating 5 live cables(LB1, some 12v sockets, a small light, a basic 150W inverter and the cable from the relay). The cable from the relay gets fed from the van battery-alternator when the engine is on, or continues into the Zig unit when the engine is off.

Following recent advise on other posts I feel that my alternator might struggle with this load and looking to isolate LB1 with a simple switch when the engine is running. That will help me, to switch to alternator charging as needed, also stop overcharging the LB1 on long journeys.

At home I am having another 100Ah leisure battery which I carry with me when going off grid for 3-4 days. I am looking to incorporate the LB2 on a temporary fix and use it either as battery bank (parallel connection to LB1) or just to power the inverter for kids TV.

I am thinking to use Anderson 50amp connectors

and 6mm cables as follows: (5 connectors so far)

Junction box-Anderson connector

Inverter-Anderson connector

LB1-Anderson connector

LB2-Anderson connector

Smart charger 2-Anderson connector

I am planning to use smart charger 2 when on the move and charge any of the 2 LB. It is only rated at 4amps and will not put much load into the alternator, or that is what I am hoping.

My questions are:

1). Could you recommend a suitable on/off switch to isolate LB1 while on the move? Also is it ok to put it between LB2 Fuse and junction box?

2). If I connect LB2 to junction box via Anderson connectors, will I create a 210 Ah battery bank?

3). Are these products (Anderson connectors suitable for this use)?

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this thread

Kind regards


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